DARK FUNERAL: Drummer auch raus!

Auch Drummer Nils “Dominator” Fjellstrom ist bei DARK FUNERAL ausgestiegen! Lord Ahriman steht anscheinend bald alleine auf den Brettern die die Welt bedeuten. Anscheinen ist der Meister aber guten Mutes und sieht dem gelassen entgegen. Hier das Statement:


Recently, you could read about Nils “Dominator” Fjellstrom´s departure from Aeon due to personal/private reasons. Today we can confirm that he’ll no longer be part of DARK FUNERAL either. And just like Aeon, we won’t comment on this subject any further.

With that being said, I/we see no reason to waste any time here. Besides a new VOCALIST, we are currently looking for a new DRUMMER too. If you do believe that you have what it takes for the job, please send us a brief introduction and some AUDIO/VIDEO files/links of your performance to: vocalist@darkfuneral.se

With the recent departures from the band I/we understand if this may cause some worries and/or confusion amongst you all, but you can be rest assured that everything is under total control! It’s not like anyone have left the band on bad terms, but unfortunately, sometimes things like this is inventible, and needs to happen to secure the survival of a band. And there is absolutely no doubt in my/our mind that once the new line-up is complete. We will be a stronger and better band than ever.

Musically we will continue in the same paths. I’m still main responsible for all the song writings, incl. the drums. So you have nothing to worry about there. However, a new line-up will naturally color the sound in some ways, but I’m totally confident that it will only be for the better.

I’ve recently started writing and demoing new stuff in my home studio. And just like I (and Chaq Mol) did when I/we worked on the pre-production for “Angelus Exuro pro Eternus”, I’m not only nailing down the guitar parts, I’m also programming the drums. So far it sounds totally fucking killer (of course!). However, at this point it’s obviously still too early to say in what direction we’ll be heading with the new material/album. We’ll keep everything “wide open” until the new line-up is complete. And once complete, we’ll continue to work on the new album as a full band. And this time I hope that everyone will be able to contribute with some killer material to make this to the best and strongest DARK FUNERAL album to date!

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