DARK FUNERAL: Line-up komplett

Nun ist die  Höllenmaschine DARK FUNERAL also auch offiziell wieder komplett. Obwohl der Basser schon seit Monaten dabei ist, hat Lord Ahriman erst heute das Geheimnis gelüftet. Der Mann hört auf den Namen Zornheym und sollte Devian-Fans besser als Tomas Nilsson bekannt sein. Hier das Statement:

The black circle has been closed once again and it is with great pleasure that we would like to announce and welcome our new bass player, ZORNHEYM.
Now, that we face our new line up, I must say that the atmosphere and the chemistry within the band feels absolutely fantastic. Furthermore, every single member of Dark Funeral is once again sharing a tremendously strong commitment, an absolute dedication as well as utter professionalism. And I am absolutely sure that what you, our dear fans, soon will be able to witness that this unholy gathering of these five knights in Satan’s service is the most sinful and powerful Dark Funeral ever! 
We have rehearsed together for a few months already. And it feels like we are already tighter and sound much better than ever before. So once we kick off touring again, we will be like an infernal war machine that will crush everything in its path.

ZORNHEYM comments : It is with great honor to be now part of this undefeatable armada of Black Metal-Warriors. When you join the truly ineffable Kings of Swedish Black Metal it is beyond doubt that great excitement accompanies this unholy path of trampled souls. Onwards into Battle! The circle is closed!


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