NIGHT IN GALES: neuer Song vom kommenden Album ‚Five Scars‘ online

Auf der Facebook Seite von Lifeforce Records gibt es einen neuen Song der deutschen Melodic Death Metal Helden Night In Gales zu hören! ‚This neon grave‘ bietet einen Vorgeschmack auf das am 7. November über Lifeforce Records erscheinende Album ‚Five Scars‘.

Sänger Bjoern Goosses kommentiert:
„We’re pretty much looking forward to the release of ‚Five Scars‘ and whatever may come with that for NIGHT IN GALES – but for the moment, listen to ‚This Neon Grave‘ and enjoy a fresh breeze of classic melodic death metal!“

Hier reinhören:

Dan Swano, der ‚Five Scars‘ gemixt und gemastert hat, über das Album:
„Working with Night In Gales was pure bliss for me. The material is very strong due to the fact that it’s been around for quite some time now, and it feels almost like a „Best of“ album sometimes, because it’s so solid all the way through.
Working on this album actually ignited a spark in my own writing and I came up with one of the best Death/A.O.R. songs I have ever written, during the mix of this album!! Easily one of the best Melodic Death Metal releases of the year!!“

Bjoern Goosses – Vocals
Jens Basten – Guitar
Frank Basten – Guitar
Tobias Bruchmann – Bass
Adriano Ricci – Drums

Sylphlike – EP, 1995
Razor – 7?, 1996
Towards The Twilight – CD, 1997
Thunderbeast – CD, 1998
Nailwork – CD, 2000
Necrodynamic – CD, 2001
Ten Years Of Tragedy – EP, 2005
Five Scars – CD, 2011

Night In Gales im Web:

Quelle: Lifeforce Rec.

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