LOUDRAGE: „Pungent Roots“ Demo als gratis Download

Die transsilvanische Groovy Death Metal Band LOUDRAGE bietet ihr 2011er Demo „Pungent Roots“ als gratis Download an. Hier könnt ihr das Demo runterladen: http://www.mediafire.com/?49zrgfu2oh0sb6h

LOUDRAGE kommentiert:
„“Pungent Roots” is a demo first meant to promote the band to labels in order to get a record deal, but since we’ve already signed with the Russian label Vomit In Silence Records we’ve decided to distribute this for free both as digital download and physical CDs (at gigs only!).
Keep in mind this is a rough, un-mastered recording of 3 tracks that will be featured in final shape and form on the upcoming “Pungent Roots” EP, due to be out later on this year! Do not take this as the final stage of the tracks, it’s just a demo!“


Quelle: Loudrage

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