Eternity Magazin #7

Ausgabe #7: März/April 1998

Eternity Magazin Nr. 7

Eternity #7

Format: Din A5
Seitenanzahl: 64 Seiten
Beilage: 1 CD Sampler


Dreams Of Sanity, Profanity, Sacrilege, Armageddon, Eye See Black, Fall Of The Leafe, Agathocles, Behind The Scenery, Waste Of Energy, Ebony Tears, The Company, Delirious, Lux Occulta

weitere Rubriken:

gePRESStes, Hard Stuff, Im Plattenladen, Demos & Eigenproduktionen, News & Dates, Des Lesers Seiten, Das Blitzgespräch

CD Compilation:
Profanity – Soulburn… the weeping willow
Mindfield – Euphoria
Desert Rain – Awakening
Loonatikk – Here come the king
Glow – Silent
Behind The Scenery – Apostle of greed
In Abeyance -Voices inside
Purgatory – Tormented flesh
Eye See Black – Day of reckoning
Dakria – Distance longing desire
Wasteland – Agony of christ
Sub Effect – Hallowed be nothing
Rebirth – King of fools
Wotan – Idiocy of faith
Love Like Blood – Pale sky
Ferox – Prepare for war