CATARACT: Song und Landing Page online

Die Schweizer CATARACT haben zu ihrem neuen Album ‘Killing The Eternal’ eine Landing Page inklusive Pre-Order-Möglichkeit und eines brandneuen Songs an den Start gebracht.

Auf gibt es die erste Single: ‘Reap The Outcasts’ zu hören.
CATARACT zur Songauswahl:
“‘Reap The Outcasts’ is a great representation of our new full length “Killing The Eternal”! It has a lot of variation packed in one song; crushing guitars and pounding drums alongside pissed off vocals. It’s one of the last songs we wrote before we went to the studio and it sums up very well what Cataract is all about, from our very first album up to the last one. “Killing The Eternal” is all about catching the intense feeling of a live show, strip off the unnecessary lengths and deliver Cataract’s trademarks in one hard hitting bit. Enjoy!”

Killing The Eternal wurde in den dänischen Antfarm Studios zusammen mit Langzeit-Produzent Tue Madsen eingeprügelt.

Die limitierte Digipak Edition von ‘Killing The Eternal’ enthält 13 Songs inkl. des Bonus tracks ‘Spawned By Illusions’.

Tracklist Killing The Eternal:
1. Never
2. Lost Souls
3. Reap The Outcasts
4. Killing The Eternal
5. Failed
6. Urban Waste
7. Makind´s Burden
8. Hollow Steps
9. Drain, Murder And Loss
10. The Faith You Have Misused
11. Black Ash
12. Spawned By Illusions (Digi bonus track!)
13. Allegory To A Dying World

Killing The Eternal erscheint am 24./27. September auf Metal Blade Records.

Quelle: Metal Blade

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