Eternity Magazin #6

Ausgabe #6: Dezember 1997

Eternity Magazin Nr. 6


Eternity #6

Format: Din A5
Seitenanzahl: 60 Seiten
Beilage: 1 CD Sampler


Crack Up, Aardvarks, Path Of Debris, Without Grief, Graveworm, Shadows Of Sunset, Ferox, Crown Of Autumn, Niobes Ivory Dream, Without Surface, Menhir, VEX, Vaira

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CD Compilation:
Delirious – Thoughtlessness
Eternal Sadness – Drowned fate
Path Of Debris – The bleeding within
Aardvarks – Homeless
Church Bizarre – Spirit ’68
Harmony Dies – Where the dead are
The Prior’s Diary – Crimson dynasty
Bonehouse – Expect the unexpected
Cryptic – Oblivious vapours
Graveyard Dirt – I embrace the dark
Blackend – Virtual
Memorial Day – Past caring
Final Breath – Law of Nature
Vaira – Heaven
Mörser – Kirchgang
Eternal Peace – Rabenlied