CALM HATCHERY: neuer Song online

Die Death Metal Band Calm Hatchery aus Polen präsentiert den neuen Song „We Are The Universe“ auf ihrem MySpace Profil. Er stammt vom kommenden Album „Sacrilege Of Humanity“, das am 15. November über Selfmadegod veröffentlicht wird. Mit „Messerschmitt“ und „Lost In The Sand“ sind zwei weitere Tracks vom neuen Album zu hören.

Gitarrist Huzar kommentiert das neue Album:
„Our new album is quite diverse. We tried to combine technically advanced parts with some kind of simplicity and directness to get better contrast and avoid being monotonous. There are also some solutions that put more space into music – just to step aside for a moment from death metal standards. There is also lots of melodies , but the album is still uncompromising. “Sacrilege Of Humanity” doesn’t promote hate, but is rather cumulating some form of cosmic energy flowing from minds of five people. We are aware that everything surrounding us is cosmic, and we’re just a small part of it…”

Quelle: Selfmadegod Rec.

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